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Quincy Cuy is the second child of Lord Leowyn Cuy and Lady Denyse Beesbury. They serve House Cuy as a household knight.


Quincy Cuy was born in 492 AC in Sunhouse located in the Town of Cuy in the Reach. They grew up amongst their brothers, Alesander being about four years older and Robyn being eight years younger. Due to pressure from their father sometime after the War of the False King, Quincy went off to squire. Eventually they would earn their knighthood and debut in the Appleton Tourney. However that one tourney became their last after the blight took hold and as a result Quincy began focusing on charity work throughout the town and helping to hand out rations.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Whilst training in the yard their younger brother, Robyn ends up sneaking into their room after hearing rumors from household maids that Quincy might have a mistress. He ends up find a chemise under their bed and goes to the window to taunt Quincy before throwing it out.


"Quincy was the perfect knight who shone like a gleaming light for all look upon in awe…" Robyn, thinking about Quincy.