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Ser Quincy, commonly known by the surname of Scrab is a hedgeknight now in the service of Septon Terrence Fossoway, and a member of The Divine Company.

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Ser Quincy was born to a minor scribe in a minor city in the Riverlands. His father often worked with the local lord, helping him and his castellens keep records. This allowed Quincy the opportunity to interact with the noble's children, and to practice skill at arms with them, an activity in which he quickly distinguished himself. For much of his youth his time was split between his devout keeping of religious duties, and honing his skills with a weapon.

During this time, the castle's master-at-arms, who spoke with a heavy accent, took to calling Ser Quincy Scrab, and though he meant 'Scribe', the name was taken up by the other boys, who used it to taunt Ser Quincy. In the first tilt at his first tournament he faced off against on of the chief agitators of the nickname, and promptly dispatched him. From that day he embraced the surname Scrab.

Upon his eighteenth name day he took his knightly vows alongside the noble's sons, and set off on his quest to defend the weak, and champion the causes of righteousness and the Faith. Ser Quincy has also been shown to be a distinguished singer and musician.

Important Events

First Era

Ser Quincy was knighted, and set off about the Riverlands on his quest to fight for the weak and to uphold the Faith. Won a minor tourny, and fought notably at another.

Second Era

Ser Quincy arrived in the Darry lands, and stayed there to try and champion the Faith's cause, and to help keep order in the lands.

Third Era

Ser Quincy aided Septon Terrence Fossoway escape from Lord Cortland's dungeons, joining him in The Divine Company, and setting off alongside the Septon towards Harrenhall.