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Rahak was the Captain of the Windblown until Danae Targaryen killed him after he tried to force himself on her.


Rahak was born in Myr to parents not worthy of note. He took a liking to violence early, joining a gang of street urchins at the age of eight and killing his first man by nine. He soon found a way to turn his favorite activity into a career, and became a sword for hire.

After fighting in two other sellsword companies, Rahak joined the Windblown. Twenty years later at the age of forty something, he became its leader. Rahak keeps the reputation of the company fearsome with his zero tolerance for desertions.

Important Events

Second Era

Rahak entered into the service of Danae Targaryen when she acquired his sellsword company after burning Volantis. His force was instrumental in the taking of Dragonstone. After the defeat of Edric Baratheon in the jaws of Danae's dragon, Persion, Danae left to marry Damon Lannister and Rahak remained wth his troops on the island.

Third Era

When Danae returned to Dragonstone, Rahak led her to the cave where she discovered that Persion had been murdering smallfolk. The Captain began to train the Queen to use a blade.

Fourth Era

Rahak tried to force himself on the Queen one evening, attacking her in her bedchambers. Danae stabbed him to death using her sword, Dark Sister. Meizo suceeded him as Captain of the Windblown.


"Rahak was every bit as menacing as the castle his men protected. He was a giant of a man, covered in thick coarse hair as black as the mane on his head which fell past his shoulders. His eyes were dark and sinister, and his grin more wicked yet." - Blood and Whispers

"Rahak was a competent commander, if competency were to be measured in the severed bits and pieces of those who thought to defy him." - thoughts of Meizo