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Ravella Florent is the second child, and first daughter of lord Damion Florent of Brightwater Keep. She has two living siblings - Aelinor, and Robert; and had an older brother, Allyn (presumably deceased).


Ravella was born in 494. As a child she excelled in Cyvasse and would play regularly with her father and older brother Allyn. She also took her faith very seriously for a child, and was known to pray continuously through the day.

As she grew older she became a talented rider, and too grew a habit of reading. Furthermore, she developed close bonds with the head of her house guard, Ser Theo Rivers, and her house maester, Cedric.

Important Events

Eighth Era

Following the death of her mother, as well as the departure and presumed death of her older brother Allyn in 509, her father fell ill with a bloody flux he has had since. Ravella has been seen as stepping into the role of primary caretaker of house Florent and Brightwater Keep, despite having no true title.


"I see your long ears – no offense, my lady – and your hair, still a deep red. Of course it's you." - Hollis, a smallfolk farmer

"Your kindness truly knows no bounds, I mean it truly. I let my men know: that you’ll always take care, keep us feed, appreciate us. I’ve never nerved coming here, or asking of you - never once." - Ser Humfrey

"I am the mechanisms of this castle! Who do you think rations the meals?! Executes justice?! Pays the staff?! Sees to the lands?! I’ve been the mechanisms of this castle for years!" - Ravella

"I know you from the word of your smallfolk. They speak highly of you; often passing out food yourself at the gate and village. You look a little thin for a lord’s daughter - I presume that’s from skipping meals. From what I hear your father is unwell, and as his eldest child, I see you’ve taken it upon yourself to carry his load." - A Septon

Family Members