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Ravella is the third child of the late Lord Perros Gargalen and Lady Loreza. Her older sister is Lady Obara Gargalen.



Ravella Gargalen is the middle child of the Gargalen siblings, growing up in Salt Shore with the rest of them. She has always had a cheerily, upbeat personality and can be dramatic at times. Ravella enjoys training with spear out in the yard and playing with knives. She is also quite a romantic as she had a peasant paramour by the name of Antario before she found that he had cheated on her.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Her father, Lord Perros dies causing Obara to take the lordship. She discovers that she is pregnant and tries to tell her paramour - a baker by the name of Antario but is heartbroken to find that he has since been with another woman. As a result, she takes moon tea and locks herself in her room for days. In attempt to cheer her up, Obara lets her travel with her to Starfall. She appeared to be happy and well, even socializing with a knight. Though once they got back to Salt Shore she suffers a miscarriage and is thus bedridden. After her brother, Owen has an emotional break down and threatens her former lover for hurting her, she lashes out to him and refuses to speak to him.


“You just have to be careful in the future. There will be more that will try to trick you, fill your ears with honeyed words and promises of love. However you must know that not all of them are true to their word. You must learn to protect yourself in order to keep yourself from falling to the same mistake.” - Obara Gargalen as she gives Ravella advice and cheers her up.

"From what the Gargalen had told her, Ravella also had a flair for the dramatic." - Lady Arianne Dayne comparing Ravella to her own sister, Ashara.

“Don’t you dare hurt him! Don’t you dare hurt him! I won’t let you! If you do, you should rot! Men like you are fucking pigs!” - Ravella yelling at Owen for threatening to cause harm towards her former paramour.