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Ser Raynald Bracken

Ser Raynald Bracken is a member of House Bracken and is the younger brother of Lord Walder Bracken. He was master-at-arms of Stone Hedge, but has since become a Black Brother of the Night's Watch.


Ser Raynald grew up knowing his elder brother would inherit Stone Hedge, and so prepared himself to serve dutifully as his brother's second in command. He is skilled at arms, but his greatest strength is his strategic capability. He is considered a very good commander of troops.

Raynald married the daughter of a landed Bracken knight, and fathered his son Meryn Bracken with her before her death of a chill. Raynald sought greater prestige for himself and his son through battle with the Blackwoods, and began to try to outdo his lordly brother. He trained many of the knights of House Bracken, including his son and his brother's heir, "Red" Walder Bracken.

Recent History

Third Era

Ser Raynald was present at the first conflict of the Blackwood-Bracken feud, where he led the Bracken forces.

Fifth Era

Raynald became overzealous in his defense of Bracken lands. Using the pretext of supposed Blackwood trespassers, Raynald overstepped his authority and mobilized Bracken troops towards Blackwood territory.

Sixth Era

Lord Paramount Brynden Frey amassed a force to bring Ser Raynald to justice for his unprovoked maneuvers, and brought him back to the Twins as a prisoner after a largely bloodless confrontation. Ser Walder Bracken argued for his freedom based on his new marriage ties to the Lord Paramount, but Brynden was determined to see Raynald punished for his crimes. Brynden's sister Alyssa Frey ultimately suggested the compromise of sending Raynald to the Wall.


Ser Meryn Bracken - son

Lord Walder Bracken - brother

Ser "Red" Walder Bracken - nephew

Harlon Bracken - nephew and squire

Bryon Bracken - nephew

Brandon Bracken - nephew

Selyse Bracken - niece