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Ser Raynald Crakehall is the younger and only brother of Lord Lyle Crakehall. He is a stout man of fifty-eight years, with brown eyes and a close-cropped greying beard that follows the line of his jaw.


He is known to have a strong dislike for the Westerlings.

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Recent History

Fourth Era

Raynald acted as Castellan of Crakehall whilst his brother led the forces of the Westerlands during the War of the False King, later assuming the position for his nephew after Lord Lyle's death.


"He was tireless, prudent and ever faithfully obedient to his brother. A man that Lord Lyle relied upon more than anyone else and a man that could too become Eon's most trusted confidante." - Thoughts of Eon Crakehall.

Family Members

Lyle Crakehall, brother

Eon Crakehall, nephew

Clarent Crakehall, nephew

Tybolt Crakehall, nephew

Shiera Crakehall, niece

Jocelyn Crakehall, sister by marriage.