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Below is a list of the major known regions within the universe of GoTRP, where characters can be created and stories begun.

Click on any of the links to discover more in-depth information about the region, including the current state of the realms, or check out up-to-date lists of current players and unclaimed Houses.

For a brief overview of the world, see The State of the Realm and The State of Essos.

Westeros Edit

'*' denotes Houses currently unclaimed but with a history/major impact in the GOTRP's past.

The North Edit

During the War of the Five Kings, the North was liberated from Bolton rule by Stannis Baratheon, and the Starks restored to paramountcy. The North saw little conflict after the war, save for a brief attempt by Davos Baratheon to invade and replace their religion with the Seven. Predictably, the invasion was stopped at the Neck.

Sometime prior to the first era, Walton Bolton declared his house to be independent from the North and the Iron Throne, after an insult from King Harys Baratheon. The Bolton Uprising was put down by the king and Edmure Stark, who was thought to have put all of House Bolton to the sword.

Active Houses

- Ashwood: Willem Ashwood, Lord of Westmount

- Blackmyre, Bors Blackmyre, Lord of the Beak

- Bolton: Olyvar Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort

- Cassel: Androw Cassel, Lord of House Cassel

- Dustin: Denys Dustin, Lord of Barrowton

- Forrester: Sarra Forrester, Daughter of Lord Forrester

- Karstark: Elinor Karstark, Daughter of Lord Karstark

- LiddleJason Liddle, The Liddle of the Liddle Clan

- Mormont: Michael Snow, Bastard House Mormont

- Mormont: Rickard Mormont, Lord of Bear Island

- Reed: Cregan Reed, Lord of Greywater Watch

- StarkJojen Stark, Lord Paramount of the North, Warden of the North

- Tallhart: Jon Tallhart, Son of Lord Tallhart

- UmberGareth Umber Lord of Last Hearth

- WhitehillRickard Whitehill Lord of Highpoint

- Wull: Harrold Wull, Son of The Wull of the Wull Clan

Unclaimed Houses Burley - Cerwyn - Condon - Dustin - Fenn - Flint of Breakstone Hill - Flint of Flint’s Finger - Flint of the mountains - Flint of Widow’s Watch - Glover - Harclay - Hornwood* - Ironsmith - Knott - Lake - Lightfoot - Locke - Manderly* - Marsh - Mollen - Moss - Norrey* - Overton* - Peat - Poole - Ryswell - Stout - Waterman - Wells - Woolfield

The Riverlands Edit

Active Houses

- Baelish: Marissa Baelish, Daughter of House Baelish

- Blackwood: Jon Blackwood, Son of Lord Blackwood

- Bracken: 'Red' Walder Bracken, Heir to Stone Hedge

- FreyBrynden Frey, Lord Paramount of the Trident

- Mallister: Marq Mallister, Lord of Seagard

- Mallister: Lysa Mallister, Sister of Lord Mallister

- Ryger: Gwenys Ryger, Lady of House Ryger

- Tully: Celia Tully, Daughter of Lord Tully

- Tully: Mathis Tully, Heir to Riverrun

- Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest: Robb Vance, Son of Lord Vance

Unclaimed Houses

Blanetree - Butterwell - Chambers - Charlton - Cox - Darry - Deddings - Erenford - Goodbrook - Grell - Haigh - Hawick - Keath - Lolliston - Lychester - Mooton* - Paege* - Piper - Shawney - Smallwood - Terrick - Vance of Atranta - Vypren

The Westerlands Edit

The Westerlands continued under Lannister rule after the War of Five Kings through the line of Daven Lannister, Warden of the West and cousin to Tywin Lannister.

During the Red Stag War, House Lannister and Florent were the initial supporters of the Lightharts' claim on the Iron Throne,

Follwing the war, the kingdom managed to return to be the wealthiest of all seven, due to its robust mining-driven economy as well as seeing little to no conflict following two centuries of Baratheon rule, keeping mostly to itself.

Active Houses

- Banefort: Rolland Banefort, Heir of Banefort

- Clegane: Tytos Clegane, Knight of Clegane Keep

- Crakehall: Eon Crakehall, Lord of Crakehall, Master of Laws

- Lannett: Joanna Lanett (Plumm), Lady of Nunn's Deep

- Lannister: Damon Lannister, King of Westeros, Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

- Lefford: Robert Lefford, Son of Lord Lefford

- Lydden: Joffery Lydden, Knight of Deep Den

- Plumm: Edmyn Plumm, Son of Lord Plumm

- Sarwyck: Stafford Sarwyck, Lord of Riverspring

- Swyft: Tregar Swift, Cousin of Lord Swyft, King's Justice

- Westerling: Elbert Westerling, Heir of the Crag

Unclaimed Houses

Algood - Bettley - Brax - Broom - Doggett - Drox - Estern - Falwell - Farmen - Feren - Foote - Garner - Greenfield - Hamell - Hawthorne - Hetherspoon - Jast - Kenning - Lanny - Lantell - Lorch - Marbrand - Moreland - Myatt - Parren - Payne - Peckledon - Prester - Ruttiger - Sarsfield - Serrett - Spicer - Stackspear - Turnberry - Vikary - Yarwyck - Yew

The Vale Edit

Active Houses

- Arryn: Theon Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale

- Belmore: Marwyn Belmore, Lord of Strongsong

- Grafton: Sybell of Gulltown, Merchant

- Redfort: Jacelyn Redfort, Heir of the Redfort

- Royce: Ronnel Royce, Lord of Runestone

- Sunderland: Elys Sunderland, Lord and Self-proclaimed King of the Three Sisters

- Templeton: Hugo Templeton, Heir to Ninestars

- Torrent: Bowen Torrent, Lord of Little Sister

- Upcliff: Mysaria Upcliff, Lady of Witch Isle

- Waxley: Alyx Waxley, Daughter of Lord Waxley

- Wydman: Aemma Wydman, Dughter of Lord Wydman

Unclaimed Houses Arryn of Gullton - Baelish of the Fingers - Borrel - Coldwater - Corbray* - Donniger - Egen - Elesham - Hardyng - Hersy* - Hunter - Longthrope - Lynderly - Melcolm - Moore - Pryor - Ruthermont - Shett of Gulltown - Shett of Gull Tower - Tollett - Upcliff - Waynwood

The Reach Edit

Active Houses

- Bulwer: Gerold Bulwer, Lord of Blackcrown

- Caswell: Alysanne Caswell, Daughter of Lord Caswell

- Chester: Cedric Chester, Lord of Greenshield

- Costayne: Bonifer Costayne, Lord of Three Towers

- Crane: Jocelyn Crane, Daughter of Lord Crane

- Hightower: Ashara Hightower (Lannister), Lady Paramount of the Mander, Warden of the South

- Roxton, Jonothor Roxton, Lord of the Ring

- Tarly: Leonette Tarly (Tyrell), Dowager Lady of Horn Hill

- Tyrell: Olyvar Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden

- Willum: Kyle Willum, Heir of House Willum

- Oldflowers: Malwyn Oldflowers, Lord of Oldflowers

Unclaimed Houses Ambrose - Appleton* - Ball - Beesbury - Blackbar - Bridges - Bushy - Cockshaw - Cordwayner - Cuy - Dunn - Durwell - Florent - Footly - Fossoway of Cider Hall - Fossoway of New Barrel* - Graceford - Graves - Grimm - Hastwyck - Hewett - Hunt - Hutcheson - Inchfield* - Kidwell - Leygood - Lowther - Lyberr - Meadows - Merryweather* - Middlebury - Mullendore* - Norcross - Norridge - Oakheart* - Orme - Peake - Pommingham - Redding - Redwyne* - Rhysling* - Risley - Rowan - Serry - Shermer - Sloane* - Uffering - Varner - Vyrwel - Webber - Westbrook - Wythers - Yelshire

The Stormlands Edit

Active Houses

- Buckler: Andar Buckler, Heir of Bronzegate

- Cafferen: Darlessa Cafferen, Lady of Fawnton

- Caron: Rhaenys Caron, Handmaiden to the Queen

- Connington: Orys Connington, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands

- Dondarrion: Uthor Dondarrion, Lord of Blackhaven

- Estermont: Aemon Estermont, Lord of Greenstone, Warden of the West, Warden of the West

- Fell: Alaric Fell, Heir to Felwood

- Mertyns: Deny Mertyns, Son of Lord Mertyns

- Morrigen: Marwyn Morrigen, Lord of Crow’s Nest

- Rogers: Alysanne Rogers, Dowager Lady of Amberly

- Seaworth: Daven Seaworth, Lord of Wrath Bay

- Selmy: Beric Selmy, Heir of Harvest Hall

- Tarth: Simon of Tarth, Knight of House Tarth

- Whitehead: Lyonel Whitehead, Heir of Weeping Town

- Wylde: Jon Wylde, Heir to Rain House

Unclaimed Houses Bolling - Cole - Errol* - Gower - Grandison - Hasty - Herston - Horpe - Kellington - Lonmouth - Musgood - Peasebury - Penrose - Staedmon - Swann* - Swygert - Trant - Tudbury - Wagstaff - Wensington

The Iron Islands Edit

Active Houses

- Blacktyde: Shiera Blacktyde, Daughter of Lord Blacktyde

- Drumm: Benedict Drum, Lord of Old Wyk

- Greyjoy: Dagon Greyjoy, Uncle to Lord Greyjoy, Exile

- Goodbrother of Corpse Lake: Dagmer Goodbrother, Heir of Corpse Lake

- Goodbrother of Shatterstone: Euron Goodbrother, Lord of Shatterstone

- Harlaw of Ten Towers: Victarion Harlaw, Son of Lord Harlaw

-Orkwood: Osmund Orkwood, Lord of Orkmont

Unclaimed Houses Botley - Codd - Farwynd of the Lonely Light* - Farwynd of Sealskin Point - Goodbrother of Crow Spike Keep - Goodbrother of Downdelving - Goodbrother of Hammerhorn - Goodbrother of Orkmont - Harlaw of Grey garden - Harlaw of Harlaw Hall - Harlaw of Harridan Hill - Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering - Humble - Ironmaker - Kenning - Merlyn - Myre - Netley

Dorne Edit

Active Houses

- Dayne of High Hermitage: Lenyl Sand, Knight of the Kingsguard

- Dayne of Starfall: Arianne Dayne, Lady of Starfall

- Martell: Martyn Martell (Dayne), Prince-Consort of Dorne

- Toland: Eustace Toland, Lord of Ghost Hill

- Yronwood: Garrett Yronwood, Son of the Bloodroyal

Unclaimed Houses Allyrion* - Blackmont - Dalt - Drinkwater - Fowler* - Gargalen - Jordayne* - Ladybright - Manwoody - Qorgyle - Santagar - Uller - Vaith - Wells - Wyl

The Crownlands Edit

The Crownlands hosted two centuries of Baratheon kings in its capital of King’s Landing, with the Crownlander lordships enjoying relative peace and unity. The the War of the Split Stag was what drove the region to split almost itself however.

Following the war, the Crownlands as a whole never seemed to heal the trust amongst their fellow lords; each house becoming only interested in themselves.

Active Houses

- Brune of Brownhollow: Elwood Brune, Son of the Knight of Brownhollow

- Celtigar: Aegor Celtigar, Lord of Claw Isle

- Crabb: Calon Crabb, Member of House Crabb, Goldcloak

- Harte: Rhea Harte, Daughter of Lord Harte, Handmaiden

- Rosby: Theon Rosby, Lord of Rosby

- Slynt: Ardrian Slynt, Steward of House Slynt

- Sunglass: Harlan Sunglass, Lord of Sweetport Sound

- Staunton: Gysella Staunton, Daughter of Lord Staunton

- Thorne: Brynden Thorne , Son of Lord Thorne

Unclaimed Houses Bar Emmon - Blount - Boggs - Brune - Buckwell - Brych - Bywater - Cargyll - Cave - Chalsted - Chyttering - Cressey - Dargood - Darke - Darkwood - Edgerton - Farring - Folland - Gaunt - Hardy - Hayfords - Hogg - Kettleblack - Langward - Mallery - Manning - Massey - Pyle - Pyne - Rambton - Rollingford - Rykker - Stokely - Velaryon* - Wendwater

The Wall and Beyond Edit

The Wall Edit

Brothers of the Night's Watch - Artos Harclay, Lord Commander

Across the Narrow Sea Edit

The Free Cities Edit

Active Houses/Groups

- Antaryon/Braavos: Luconis Antaryon, Noble Keyholder

- Baratheon/Company of the Cat: Patrek Baratheon, Claimant to the Iron Throne, Company of the Cat Captain

- Baratheon/Company of the Cat: Cleos Baratheon, Claimant to the Iron Throne, Company of the Cat Officer

- Paenymion/Volantis: Saera Paenymion, Elephant Party Politician

- Vaenyris/Volantis: Lysandro Vaenyris, Tiger Party Politician

- Velaryon/Lys: Rhaenys Velaryon, Exiled Princess of Lys

- Vhassios/Qohor: Nesaria Vhassios, Magister, Head of House Vhassios