Renly I Baratheon

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King Renly Baratheon, also known as The Bold Stag, was the King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and father to Harys, Joseph, Edric, and Cleos Baratheon. He perished during a hunting trip where he was killed by a boar in 490 AC.


Renly Baratheon's birth was marked by the Tourney of Longtable which was held in celebration of the event. He was the only child of King Orys II Baratheon and Queen Merianne Tyrell.

Renly served as Hand of the King for his father for much of the buildup to the second Greyjoy Rebellion. Renly, who was well known for his mercilessness, saw the signs of the forthcoming rebellion and had already begun preparations for war by the time it broke out.

During his reign, after his father's death, he oversaw the efficient destruction of the rebels and put an end to the second rebellion.

He died a few years laters on a hunting trip where he was killed by a wild boar. Riders that he had sent to Qohor returned after his passing with the valyrian steel blade Fury which King Harys Baratheon took as his own.

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