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Renly Roxton is the son and heir of Lord Jonothor Roxton. He is known as a cheerful, if a little thick-headed, knight. He was born in 488 A.C, just under a year after his parents marriage, and is six-and-twenty in 514 A.C. Like his father, he is a Tyrell Loyalist.

As of 514AC, he is the wielder of the Roxton's Valyrian Steel Sword, Orphan-Maker

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Renly  travels from the Ring to Oldtown with his family to attend a Ball held by Lady Ashara Lannister. He opted to ride for most of the journey, rather than riding in a Wheelhouse with his family.

Whilst at the ball, he danced with Meredyth Tyrell, and entertained her niece, Elyana. Whilst on the return journey to the Ring, he broke up a fight between his sisters, Margaery and Alicent.

Upon returning to the Ring, he spent time in the village of Girdle to assist its citizens during the Winter.

At a meeting at Highgarden with a diplomatic party from Dorne, Renly was bestowed Orphan-Maker by his father. At the same meeting, he swore his sword to the Heiress of Highgarden, Elyana Tyrell, becoming her first sworn sword.