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Rickard Ryswell is the second son of Brynden Ryswell and Lord of Bloostone.


Rickard is the second son of the late Lord Brynden. His father took little to no interest in him so one of the closest father figures was a blacksmith named Robert.

Rickard was forced to leave the Rills due to him beating his brother after he became the new Lord of the Rills due to suspicion he caused their father's death or helped it. He departs for Essos with a guard from the Rills. He wandered through the free cities looking for a company in which he could settle. After two years of searching he joined with the Bright Banners where he rose to a rank of sergeant.

Recent History

Fourth Era

After the death of the commander of Bright Banners a duel ensued between Rickard and a high ranking officer named Orwin. The duel was won by Rickard and he had become the new Commander of the Bright Banners.

Rickard gained the use of a fleet of ships and set sail for Bloodstone, intent on making a claim for the island.

Fifth Era

Rickard landed on Bloodstone with his men, provoking the leader of the island when he first saw him.

After confronting the Golden Company in which some have dubbed the Battle of the Ditches, Rickard slew the Golden Company's leader Varor Faenassar. The conclusion of the battle was a ceasefire and merger of The Golden Company and Bright Banners into Golden Banners. Rickard also has complete control over Bloodstone and takes on the title Lord of Bloodstone.

Another battle was fought between a pirate coalition and Rickard. Through trickery the battle was won and the pirate forces were either killed or subjigated. The battle was dubbed as the Battle of the Decks.

Rickard killed all the pirate captains but one.

Soon enough he departs to investigate a bandit attack where there is a assassination attempt on his life orchestrated by his corrupt paymaster Charlin. Rickard was wounded with a crossbow bolt in the shoulder but survives and learns through torture the name of the assassins hirer. Rickard sets a trap for Charlin and he is caught and killed by one of his men. Soon enough Andros Sand and Mallor Sand visit him where Dorne learns of his ambitions and Andros operates on Rickard saving his arm. Rickard departs for Tyrosh where he makes a deal with the Archon of Tyrosh for him to cancel the embargo on Bloodstone in exchange for the dozen ships Rickard had stolen from Tyrosh when he was last time there. Rickard heads to Myr next looking for work where he meets Alequo, Commander of the Long Lances where they make a alliance to fight together.