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Rickard Snow is a bastard of House Forrester. He has his mother's raven black hair and his father's deep green eyes. He is a sworn sword to Jojen Stark.


Rickard is the first born child of Lord Bryan Forrester. His mother died shortly after his birth, and Lord Bryan took responsibility of caring for him. Rickard grew up somewhat isolated from his other three siblings, as was the only request of Lord Bryan's wife, Lady Jayne Forrester.

Only Sarra, his younger half sister, refused to listen to her parents and always came to play with Rickard when they were little. As he got older, Lord Bryan had Rickard train with Edric, his half-brother. The two grew a tight bond through their combat training, and even became friendly rivals, always trying to outdo the other. To the great displeasure of Lady Jayne, Edric and Sarra treat Rickard as if he was their full blood brother.

As he grew older, Rickard became more enticed to the idea of reading stories of brave heros, and kings. The idea of becoming a Ranger of the Nights Watch appealed to him, and he set off to the Wall, only to return home out of fear.

Upon returning to Ironrath, he learned his half-sister Bethany had fallen ill, and the maester felt she would not live long. Three days later, Bethany passed away with her family by her side. Her passing would keep Rickard home and close to his brother and sister for a few more years.

Recent History

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Fifth Era

Rickard chose to make his way to the Wall to join the Night's Watch, but was attacked and captured by a group of brutish bandits. After being saved by Stark patrolmen, Rickard was taken to Winterfell and tended back to health. He was made a sworn sword of House Stark some time later.

Eighth Era

Rickard joined Jojen Stark and his men during the march on the Wildling King. While he expirienced little battle, witnessing the aftermath of an ambush and the horrors of war rattled him, and it has yet to stop haunting him. After returning to Winterfell, he confessed his love to Myranda, a handmaiden of Lady Stark, and the two planned to be wed.

Family Members

Bryan Forrester, father

Kyra, mother (deceased)

Jayne Forrester, step-mother

Edric Forrester, half-brother

Bethany Forrester, half-sister (deceased)

Sarra Forrester, half-sister