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Rickon Baratheon was the only son of King Harys Baratheon and heir to the Iron Throne. He was killed at the age of 8 while a ward at the Water Gardens in Sunspear.

Important Events

First Era

When the Lannisters sacked the capital, Rickon was taken hostage. He was flayed by Lord Varyo Velaryon at the command of King Damon Lannister in order to force action from his father, King Harys Baratheon.

Second Era

Rickon was sent to be warded at the Water Gardens in Sunspear under Princess Sarella Martell as part of the Dornish negotiations following the war. Months later,  he was killed in an "accident" orchestrated by Lord Rymar Royce, Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne.


Harys Baratheon, father

Gianna Martell, mother

Joseph Baratheon, uncle

Cleos Baratheon, uncle

Aryyn Martell, uncle

Sarella Martell, cousin