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Robert Velaryon was the Lord of the Tides until his mysterious death aboard his ship.


The oldest son of Lord Orys Velaryon, who named him in honour of his Baratheon ancestory. Robert was a fierce man, and passionate in his youth. The pride of Driftmark at tourneys, he showed his Baratheon blood in his skill at fighting. He was married young to a Lady of House Westerlyng who died in childbirth. He became well loved of the girls of Driftmark, fathering many bastards, some of whom were warded at High Tide, becoming The Tides. He had two trueborn sons, Daelys Velaryon and Alyn Velaryon, and legitimised Varyo Velaryon due to the insistence of his steward Ryman Sunglass, his brother Lyn Velaryon and his friend Lord Caron.

He was crippled by his brother Damon Velaryon after Alyn was born, his father died of an injury taken whilst searching the island for his wayward son. Robert would become Lord soon after, and a very bitter man. He entered into long periods of depression, broken by showing his still strong intellect. After Daelys joined the Kingsguard, he arranged to have Varyo killed, claiming the Bastard of Driftmark made an attempt on his life. Varyo escaped, with help from his still loyal retainers.

He was lost at sea with his remaining son at the begining of the year 500. His brother would arrive soon after to claim his hold.