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Robyn Cuy is the third child of Lord Leowyn Cuy and Lady Denyse Beesbury.


Robyn was born in the year 500 AC in Sunhouse located in the Town of Cuy in the Reach during the Ascent of the Lion. He grew up along side his older siblings, Alesander and Quincy with the oldest of them doing more work into raising the younger two than their father has. He had always been fascinated with the concept of knighthood as in the Reach, knights were seen as the pinnacle of chivalry and earning one's spurs was seen was a great achievement. He had always enjoyed the stories of many great knights including that of Ser Ulrich Dayne, the Sword of the Morning. Thus his dream is to become a knight on day. Robyn also had picked up the hobby of drawing and painting due to his mother's influence after finding out that he had been doodling over the maester's books. He often gets into trouble, creating various mischief and tormenting much of the inhabitance of Sunhouse out of satisfying his curiosity and lack of attention.

Recent Events

First Era

Robyn is born to Lady Denyse and Lord Leowyn, becoming their third and youngest son. His father had not been present at the birth due to fighting alongside House Hightower in order to usurp their former lieges, House Tyrell during the Ascent of the Lion.

Eighth Era

Due to Robyn's constant mischief including the most recent incident of stealing Quincy's chemise, he is told by his father that he will be sent to Oldtown in order to squire under a knight.


“I’ve heard that you have made quite the ruckus this morning. Tell me… Do you find Maester Bartimos’s lessons so boring that you’ve busied yourself into sticking your little pug nose into somewhere it doesn’t belong?” - Leowyn Cuy, inquiring Robyn about his trouble making habits.


  • Elyas Cuy, uncle (deceased)
  • Florence Cuy, aunt
    • Edwyn Cuy, cousin
    • Ser Gwayne Cuy, cousin
    • Annara Cuy, cousin
    • Lysa Cuy, cousin