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Rolland Rivers is a travelling bard most well known for his song "Lions at the Lion's Gate".


Rolland was born to a whore of Fairmarket and most probably a travelling merchant, although the bastard claims otherwise. Since an early age, Rolland pursued a life of music. He stole his first harp from a visiting bard.

His mother died during his youth and afterwards, Rolland joined a mummer troupe who journeyed place to place entertaining noblefolk and lowborn alike. After sometime, he left the troupe to become freelance.

Since then, Rolland has travelled across the realm, being employed by patrons to commemorate events or entertain at weddings, feasts and the like. He also takes a fancy to tourneys, attending both the one at Harrenhal and the Vale. He spreads his tales wherever he goes, often crafting stories of being the bastard of notable Lords.

Important Events

First Era

Rolland compiled the song, "Lions at the Lion's Gate", in celebration of House Lannister's victory over House Baratheon.

Fourth Era

Rolland came into the service of the Fossoways of Cider Hall before their keep was captured during the War of the False King. Afterwards, he travelled to King's Landing.

Fifth Era

Rolland was employed as a singer for the feast celebrating King Damon Lannister and Queen Danae Targaryen's victory. It was there that he sung his newest song, "Hightower Was His Name."