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Ronnel Royce is the Lord of Runestone and commander of the Bronze Gauntlet. He is married to Elyssa Arryn, the younger sister of Nathaniel Arryn, the Regent Lord Paramount of the Vale.


Ronnel Royce is the current Lord of Runestone. He was raised with his brother Rymar in King's Landing. His father died after falling off the battlements of the Red Keep, apparently due to a sickness. Ronnel assumed the lordship, but relied heavily on his brother’s counsel. When Ronnel returned to the Vale, he worked with Nate Arryn to defeat the outlaw Knights of the Snakewood.

Important Events

First Era

Ronnel Royce rode with Lord Nathaniel Arryn's host of Valemen during Ascent of the Lion. At the battle of the Kingswood, Ronnel commander the Vanguard of the Vale men. He personally defeated and captured the Lord Commander of King Hary's Kingsguard, Ser Jaime Florent. During the celebration of the Victory, Ronnel met and was betrothed to Elyssa Arryn.

Second Era

Ronnel marched into the Mountains of the Moon to clear the high road. He accomplished this task, making the path to the Vale safe for the Grand Tourney at the Eyrie. Ronnel fought in the grand tourney at the Eyrie, where he performed well, falling in the quarter finals. Afterwards, emboldened by his successes, Ronnel embarked upon a mission to eradicate the mountain clans once and for all.

Sixth Era

After years of tireless fighting resulted in defeat, Ronnel returned home was called back to the Eyrie to marry Elyssa. The wedding was a joint ceremony, alongside Dake Arryn and Lysa Waynwood. There, Elyssa announced that she had bedded a single, causing a rift between the Arryns and the Royces. Ronnel would later aid Loras Corbray in arresting his brother for kinslaying. He did not participate in Sunderland's rebellion, instead choosing to remain at Runestone.


"Ronnel Royce has surpassed everything I could have thought he could do. Capturing Jaime Florent was not the only thing he did during the battle, he was commanding my Vanguard at the same time, with skill." - Nathaniel Arryn

"He's a strong fighter, and no doubt an honorable man." - Damon Lannister


Rymar Royce, brother (deceased)

Jon Royce, father (deceased)

Rogar Royce, cousin

Harald Redfort, cousin

Elyssa Royce, wife

Ryella Royce, daughter