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Rumar Arryn was the Lord Paramount of the Vale until his death in 497 AC. He was followed by his eldest son, James Arryn.

Rumar was the eldest son of Lord Hyle Arryn, a former Hand of the King early in King Orys II Baratheon's reign. In 495 AC, Rumar discovered his second son, Nathaniel, engaging in a romantic affair with a peasant girl named Catelyn of Eastcroft. He forbid his son from seeing the woman and exiled her from the Vale to ensure it. Rumar arranged for his eldest son, James, to wed the eldest daughter of House Stark, Lyanna, before his death.


Alanye Arryn, wife

James Arryn, son

Nathaniel Arryn, son

Dake Arryn, son

Elyssa Arryn, daughter