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Sallei Chyttering is the Lady of Bent Bough, and the Head of House Chyttering. The last heir of Lord Benfrey Chyttering.


Sallei Chyttering was the middle child of Lord Benfrey Chyttering. She had two brothers, one older, Joseth, and her younger twin, Erren. After her mother passed giving birth to the twins in 490 AC, Lord Benfrey retreated from politics, and took a direct hand in the rearing of his children, going so far as to hire an expensive Septa to oversee Sallei's educational needs personally.

Despite her mother's death, Sallei never appeared to feel the lack, and pursued her studies diligently. The only time she attempted to countermand her father was in 502 AC, when he made the decision to send her twin, Erren, to the Wall to join the Night's Watch. Despite many loud arguments that became the gossip of Bent Bough, the birth of the Spring Without Sun saw Erren leaving for the North.

Things remained quiet in Bent Bough until 505 AC, when an illness swept the Chyttering Lands. Most who took ill were better within a few weeks, but Joseth could not seem to shake it, and died in his sleep a few months into the year. Lord Chyttering took this especially hard, but decided to seek a new wife for himself, as he was still young enough to have a few more children.

Sadly, those plans were not to come to fruition, as Lord Chyttering passed unexpectedly in 507 AC, leaving his only remaining child the Head of House Chyttering.

Important Events

Sixth Era

Depressed by the death of her father, and at the urging of her advisors, Sallei left Bent Bough for King's Landing.


Family Members

Benfrey Chyttering, father (deceased)

Joseth Chyttering, brother (deceased)

Erren Chyttering, twin brother