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Sansa Penrose is the sister of Lord Lewys Penrose and the current heir to Parchments. She has quite often been confused for her brother's wife, instead of sister, when out in public with him.


Important Events

Fourth Era

Sansa spent much of the Fourth Era at Storm's End with her brother Lewys, during that time she remained rather reclusive except when she was seen out and about with her brother.

Fifth Era

Sansa attended the Feast in Queen's Landing with her brother, Lewys Penrose. After the feast she made the acquaintance of Vickon Ironmaker, the squire to Dagon Greyjoy. The two struck up an unlikely courtship, marred more than once by the young squire's insistence in attempting to claim her maidenhood.

The courtship ended in tragedy after Vickon attempted to whisk Sansa and her maid away in the middle of the night, only to be apprehended and slain by Lewys, Dagon, and Orys Connington. The affair left her shaken and withdrawn as she was seen even less without her brother by her side.

After the feast in Storm's end to celebrate the Connington-Caron marriage, Sansa began an affair with her brother Lewys upon the Water Lily.


Quartney Penrose, father (deceased)

Emma Marbrand, mother (deceased)

Lord Lewys Penrose, brother


"She has changed...following that idiot of a knight Lewys. Everyone knows he is a joke but that stupid little girl is too blind to admit it." - Alysanne Rogers

"You got married, Lord Penrose...Ah no forgive me, you must be his sister. Pleased to meet you." - Rhaenys Caron meeting Sansa for the first time.

"She should be aware of our bad blood...or maybe the perfumes have addled her mind as well." - Alysanne Rogers