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Sarra Forrester is a Lady of House Forrester. the only surviving daughter of Bryan Forrester, Lord of Ironrath. Sarra has her family’s trademark green eyes.


The second daughter, and third true-born child of Bryan Forrester, she had a well off childhood, though marked by her half brother, Rickard, leaving, and her older sister, Bethany, dying. In the past few years, since her father, the Lord of Ironrath, forged a peace with the Whitehills, there has been a growing distance between him and his heir, Edric. Sarra worked to fill in this gap. Her father encouraged her, first in small ways, like attending some meetings, and then in larger ways - by sending her to Winterfell to visit her half brother, and to create trade opportunities. For two years, she was sent down to King’s Landing, where her cousins operated a forge and armory business based on ironwood. She did well as a merchant, though missed the North.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Sarra was called home by her father from King's Landing, bringing her cousin Myra and Myra's children with her. She is unsure of her place at Ironrath.

Sarra begins an investigation into her families financial status upon her return, discovering irregularities.


Bryan Forrester (Father)

Jayne Forrester (Mother)

Edric Forrester (Brother)

Bethany Forrester (Sister, deceased)

Rickard Snow (Half Brother)

Tristan Forrester (Cousin)