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Seldys is controller of the Rogare Bank leader of the City Council of Lys and a former eunuch slave belonging to House Rogare.

Early Life

Seldys was bought extremely young in Yunkaii, and was castrated early. Lord Aero Rogare had unusual tastes and an interest in Alchemy and the higher mysteries and paid an Alchemist to experiment with the young boy.

He was given a female name and raised as a woman, the Alchemists gave her draughts and poisons to mould her for Lord Rogare's specifications. It is unknown if Seldys was the only one this was attempted on.

Once the process was complete, the young eunuch was educated by Lord Aero as a bedslave, and assistant to his bank. Seldys became extremely accomplished at her task, soon being seen as a protege to the ageing freeholder.

Lord Rogare died under unusual circumstances some time after 488 and before 502. Seldys became a trusted retainer of the family and assumed many roles within the bank

Recent Events

Second Era

During Varyo Velaryon's rise to power, Seldys opened the Rogare manse to the rioters. Wiping out the main branch

Third Era

Seldys assumed total control of the bank, gaining a reputation for ruthlessness. Seldys arranged for Varyo to be gifted the Rogare's Valyrian steel sword, Truth.

Fourth Era

Seldys begun a conspiracy to overthrow the Prince and restore the Magistracy to Lys

Fifth Era

Seldys' conspiracy was uncovered by Varyo and his wife. Seldys agreed to a compromise and stood for election in the new Assembly. She became leader of the City Council and of the Assembly.

Sixth Era

Seldys remained as leader of the Assembly, although started having pressure put upon her due to the continued unrest. To alleviate some of it, she agreed to give a minor branch of the Rogares back two seats on the board of their bank