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Selwyn of Tarth or Selwyn the Evenstar is the aging Lord of Evenfall Hall and the sapphire isle. He has five children including Ladies Alayne Dondarrion and Jeyne Buckler, as well as Ser Quentyn Tarth of the kingsguard.

He was amongst the first of the Stormlords to follow Orys Connington into rebellion against the Baratheons during the Ascent of the Lion. He remained an adamant supporter of the new Lord Paramount, and for his loyalty, was amongst the few houses not forced to hand over a ward to Storm's End.

By 512 AC, Selwyn's health had declined and he was bedridden. His eldest son, Ser Endrew Tarth, was named his regent and continued his father's policy of Connington support despite the events at Blackhaven and the death of Selwyn's grandson, Durran Dondarrion, at the hands of Alyn Connington.