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Sarra is an aging septa of the Faith of the Seven, serving House Tyrell at Highgarden as governess. She is often in the company of the lord and lady's eldest child, Elyana Tyrell, teaching her the art of being a proper lady.


Sarra grew up on the most impoverished streets of Flea Bottom. She spent most of her adolescence and young adult years in a life of sin, however, Sarra eventually found a chance at a more meaningful life when she offered herself over to the Seven and began training to become an anointed septa.

Sarra worked hard to bury her past and start anew as 'Septa Sarra', forcing herself to suppress herdialect along the way, as well as learning not only the texts of the Seven-Pointed Star but how to fully read and write.

Sarra was in the service of the motherhouse in King's Landing, named after the recently deceased Mellara Tyrell, when she met the namesake's brother, Lord Olyvar Tyrell. The two got along splendidly He offered her the position of governess back at Highgarden when he departed. Sarra accepted, packing her few belongings and joining the Tyrells on their journey, never looking back as she left King's Landing for the first and last time.