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Ser Alyn Waxley is a Knight of the Vale.


Ser Alyn is the eldest son of Robin Waxley. He is an incredibly pious man, leading some to wonder if he is a knight or a septon. Though an anointed knight, he is known more for his knowledge of he holy scripture than any achievements on the battlefield. In fact, after the septon of Wickenden died, he (unofficially) took up the role alongside his head of household status for House Waxley. Where most knights fight in tourneys, Ser Alyn chooses to immerse himself into the holy scriptures. But that is not to say he cannot handle himself in a fight. He is very rarely without his religious texts and hymns. Ser Alyn has dedicated his life to both House Arryn, and the Seven. He often gifts his friends with the famous scented beeswax candles of Wickenden. His personal seal has seven candles placed at the points of the Star of the Faith

Eighth Era:

After a lengthy prayer, Alyn's son Jon enters the Sept at Wickendon and questions his father about the gods. Shortly afterwards, Ser Alyn began having strong and vivid dreams. Dreams that depicted the end of time, immense violence, and the burning of towns, fields, and homes.

Alyn decided to fast for seven days and seven nights hoping the gods would send him a sign as to the meaning of the vile dreams.

On the seventh night and after a conversation with his brightest squire, he set out on a journey to King's Landing to meet with the High Septon. He took his family's ship on the voyage. On the first night at sea, he (believes) the gods visited him in another dream.

Upon reaching King's Landing and entering the Great Sept of Baelor, Alyn was once again visited by the gods. He prayed there to find the meaning of the visions and voices.

The only reply he received was simple: Andalos.


His companion nodded in understanding though in the back of his mind he could hardly believe that was the message the Father had bestowed to his most devout friend. - Thoughts of Ser Sylas Templeton


Beth (Wife)

Jon (Son and Heir)

Ser Axell (Brother)

Ser Andros (Brother)