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Sharra is the sister to Jon Arryn, the current Keeper of the Gates of the Moon. Since her brother is unwed, Sharra takes on the responsibilities of Lady of the Gates. She often is said to be an excellent host.

Sharra and her brother come from a lesser branch of House Arryn. They are cousins to the mainline, including Warden of the East, Nathaniel Arryn. She is a widow, although little is known about her previous marriage for it did not last long.

Rolland Banefort arrived in the Vale in 514 AC and was hosted at the Gates of the Moon by Sharra and her brother in place of Lord Nathaniel. He was sent by the king to deliver Damon's book of laws to House Arryn, but during his stay, began a brief affair with Sharra Arryn, resulting in a bastard pregnancy after he departed. Sharra later gave birth to a boy, Ned Stone.