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Shiera Crakehall was the only daughter of Lord Lyle Crakehall. She was a sickly child but is remembered by her family as one of cheerfulness and youthful boldness.


After a visit to Casterly Rock for an unknown reason, Clarent Crakehall was tasked with escorting Shiera safely back to Crakehall. Instead, he left her in the care of ten guards and journeyed afar to hunt boar. This indirectly caused her death, as bandits attempting to take her as a hostage accidentally killed the sickly child.

Family Members

Lyle Crakehall, father (deceased)

Clarent Crakehall, brother (deceased)

Eon Crakehall, brother

Jocelyn Crakehall, mother

Tybolt Crakehall, brother

Raynald Crakehall, uncle