Simon is a knight of House Tarth and the eldest son of the heir, Endrew of Tarth. He has a sheepdog named Puck and a younger sister he trains with sword and shield named Shyra.

He has dark hair kept cut cleanly above his shoulders, strong features, and a defined chin, but Simon Tarth still is growing into a man and his boyish charm is still visible.

Recent Events Edit

First Era Edit

Upon being granted the position of squire, Simon's father, Endrew, first arranged for his son to serve his youngest brother, Ser Quentyn of Tarth.

Second Era Edit

Following his uncle's appointment to the kingsguard, Simon then began to serve his other uncle, Ser Galladon of Tarth, who still remained on the Sapphire Isle.

Third Era Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Simon, still serving as a squire for his uncle, Galladon, left the Isle of Tarth for the first time to see real battle. Ser Galladon Tarth was in command of men sent to join Lord Orys Connington and Corliss Caron in what later became known as the Nightsong Conflict, Simon served by his side.

Following the Nightsong Conflict, Simon was knighted by Galladon for his assistance in retaking House Caron's castle.

Sixth Era Edit

Seventh Era Edit

Simon was among the many Stormlanders to attend the Tourney of Blackhaven. There, he witnessed his cousin, Durran Dondarrion's murder. Following Durran's funeral, he and his other kin ventured back to Evenfall Hall at his father, acting lord-regent Endrew's command.

Eighth Era Edit