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Stafford Lannister is a cousin to the main branch of House Lannister, and served on the councils of Tyrius, Loren, and Damon Lannister.


Stafford was the son of one of Gerion Lannister's younger brothers, Tygett. He served the Lannisters of Casterly Rock in his adulthood as an advisor on the Lords' counsel. He has nine children with his wife, Olene Lannister.

Important Events

First Era

After Loren Lannister seized the Iron Throne for Damon, Stafford came to King's Landing to continue his role as an advisor, now to the crown.

Third Era

Stafford served as the Master of Laws for the King's Small Council temporarily when Nathaniel Arryn took the position of Hand of the King upon Loren's death. After Eon Crakehall arrived to assume the duties, Stafford returned to his advisor role. Damon Lannister continued to rely heavily on Stafford, often using him to fill in the gaps in other small council members' competencies.

Fourth Era

During the War of the False King, Stafford took on a great number of responsibilities while King Damon was out of the capital.

Fifth Era

Stafford worked closely with Aemon Estermont in the reconstruction of the royal fleet.

Sixth Era

When Damon Lannister returned from the Westerlands, Stafford demanded that Benfred Tanner (who slew his oldest son Gunthor in a trial by combat on Fair Isle) be sent away. When Damon refused, Stafford resigned from his role and returned to Lannisport.


"Stafford had hung up his sword belt hardly a moon's turn after his anointment, decades past now, the slender and bookish man always better fit for a council table than a battlefield." - Blood and Whispers

“I will look as awful as you do, with those terrible circles beneath your eyes. Maybe I will have Lord Arryn take a mailed elbow to the face as well, that way all my advisors and I can be haggard looking men.” -Damon Lannister

Family Members

Olene Lannister, wife

Gunthor Lannister, son

Tygett Lannister, son

Maslyn Lannister, daughter

Six other unnamed children