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Ser Steffon Swyft is a knight of the Kingsguard. He went missing in Flea Bottom in the fifth era and his whereabouts are unknown.  

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Steffon Swyft was his father's fourthborn son. He is described as having "blonde hair and blue eyes, a Westernman true and true. A stern knight, from a proud house, loyal to the Lannisters.” He generally held the guard at night.

Recent History

First Era

Near the end of the first era Steffon's father and two of his older brothers (Duncan Swyft and Jon Swyft) were killed in the Battle of the Kingswood.

Second Era

Steffon became a knight of King Damon Lannister's Kingsguard.

Third Era

Steffon was sent across the Riverlands to Seaguard in search of Edmure Mallister, Ulrich Dayne's squire, after the knight was tried for treason. The King believed that Edmure held secrets of his told to him by Ulrich, and sought to silence the boy.

Fourth Era

Steffon returned from the Riverlands empty handed. When King Damon Lannister went to Grand Maester Orin's abandoned quarters in search of strongwine one night, Steffon followed unnoticed. Once he realized he was not alone, Damon lied and claimed he was looking for a sleeping aid. Steffon found and offered essence of nightshade.

Fifth Era

Steffon accompanied King Damon Lannister to Flea Bottom in the middle of the night to meet with Benfred Tanner, who claimed to have found proof of theft taking place at the motherhouse named for Mellara Tyrell. Damon and Benfred left the knight in an alley while they investigated, concerned that his armor would be too noisy. When they returned, he and the horses he'd been tending were gone.


"Even little Steffon would have been a better [lord than Arthur], but little Steffon had grown into a man of the Kingsguard, and the Kingsguard took their vows for life." - Blood and Whispers

"[Damon and Steffon had] interacted little in the years that Steffon had worn his White Cloak, since whenever the Westerman held the guard the castle was generally asleep. Even those nights when Damon himself hadn’t been, he usually holed up in the solar without the knight for company, and so he knew little about the man. He liked to think that Ser Swyft knew little about him, too." - Blood and Whispers

Family Members

Jon Swyft, father (deceased)

Mina Swyft, mother

Duncan Swyft, brother (deceased)

Jon Swyft, brother (deceased)

Arthur Swyft, brother