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Sunderland's Rebellion was a conflict fought between the Vale and the Three Sisters in 513 and 514 AC.


Lord Elys Sunderland named himself the King of the Three Sisters and attempted to secede from both the Vale and the Iron Throne with the intent of restoring the sistermen's old faith, the Lady of the Waves and Lord of the Skies, while also committing genocide against the Faith of the Seven worshipers in his lands along the way. The Lord Protector of the Vale and Warden of the East, Nathaniel Arryn, summoned his banners from the Vale of Arryn and marched the knights to Gulltown, where they boarded the Vale fleets and set sail for the Sisters. Meanwhile, the lords of the Vale along the coasts and the various isles were told to remain on high alert, acting as a first line of defense for the kingdom against possible raids. The rebellion was put down following a devastating attack on the harbor town of Sisterton. The various lords who followed Elys Sunderland bent the knee, as did the smallfolk of the islands, but the rebel king himself was not recovered until Queen Danae found him herself, whilst he raided the Fingers.

Battles and Major Events

The Raid on the Paps

Elys Sunderland set sail with his entire fleet of longships and raiders shortly after declaring himself King of the Three Sisters. Under no allusions that the Knights of the Vale would soon descend upon his islands, he sailed most of his strength to sea before they could arrive.

Avoiding the nearest isle to the Three Sisters, Pebble, the sistemen fleet instead landed on the isle of Paps to lead a preemptive raid on the Vale- the first battle of the war. The sistermen were able to successfully sack a series of small fishing villages along the coast, but were surprised when they arrived at the castle of House Elesham. Elys had expected to be able to seize the castle for his own as a major first victory for his rebellion, however, he was met with raised defenses courtesy of the orders Nathaniel Arryn had given his coastal lords. The Valemen were able to hold the castle as a result and pushed the sistermen back to sea.

Silence at Sea

The Vale fleet of Arryn and Grafton galleys, cogs, and warships set sail with the Knights of the Vale on board from Gulltown. They sailed north along the coast until reaching the Bite, all the while, doing everything in their power to remain undetected by the sistermen. Running into straggling longships along the coast of Little Sister, the fleet engaged them, seizing the ship and its men who were not put to the sword. The prisoners were used for information regarding Sisterton's status, and imprisoned for crimes of treason.

Taking the Night Lamp

Ramsey Torrent was the eldest son and rebelling heir to Lord Torrent, the only lord in the Sisters to remain loyal to House Arryn. He was charged with the defense of Sisterton and the Night Lamp by Lord Borrel, who was commanded away by King Elys to see to the defense of Sunderland Keep.

Using the information received from the captured Sistermen, Nathaniel Arryn decided it was crucial to have either the light of the Night Lamp or that of dawn if they meant to attack the town. Preferring the surprise of night and caring little for his rivals, the Belmore's safety, he tasked them with seizing the lighthouse in the dead of night to signal the attack. The Belmore's were more than willing to prove themselves, and sailed Ser Wilfred Belmore's "Quick Bell" to the base of the rocky isle in the harbor of the town, where the dark lighthouse and castle of Breakwater resided. Climbing the side of the cliff, Wilfred, his son, and his brother, along with several of their own men made it into the castle and the town. The Belmore men started a series of fires in the town leading to Ramsey Torrent and his men to investigate. In the confusion, Wilfred's brother, Addam, and his son, Oswell, were able to make it to the Night Lamp and light it, however, Wilfred was forced to dual Ramsey to the death in order to prevent their capture and failure.

The Sacking of Sisterton

Nathaniel Arryn led the assault on Sisterton alongside the Knight of Ninestars, Ser Alester Templeton. Meanwhile, Commander Kym Egen and his Winged Knights were given the rear guard as well as their Lord, Theon Arryn, to watch over and protect.

Nathaniel and his forces overwhelmed the beaches and harbor of Sisterton while the fires lit by the Belmores began to overtake the town. The sistermen attempted to close themselves in, behind an old rundown gatehouse before the heart of the town. They attempted to use archers to slow the Knights of the Vale, but found they were little use against the knights' numbers. While overseeing the task of making it over the walls and into the town, Nathaniel Arryn was surprised by a young sistermen boy, who impaled the Lord Protector with a pike. Ser Alester quickly slew the boy and got Nathaniel aid, but not before the Arryn saw the gates open and the Sacking begin.

Theon Arryn and his friend, Hugo Templeton, followed in the wake of the Winged Knights and the rear guard. They made it through the gates easily, and found the harbor completely destroy. In the town, fires raged and Knights of the Vale began pillaging and raping the ruins to both boys dismay. When a group of sistermen attempted to attack the group, they were in awe as Commander Egen and the Winged Knights made short work of the rebels. Hugo became anxious, and wanting to proof himself, attacked a lone sisterman who overwhelmed him quickly. Seeing this, Theon ran to the squire's aid before finding himself overwhelmed as well. The sisterman, realizing who Theon was, planned to kill him, but Commander Egen stepped in just in time to save the boys. He then ordered them to return to the ships, claiming a battlefield was no place for children.

Lord Garret Grafton and Ser Petyr Arryn of Gulltown were tasked with blockading the harbor and preventing any from escaping the Knights of the Vale. They did so efficiently, yet not without tension amongst one another.

Mutiny Amongst Rebels

Whilst sailing south in the Narrow Sea, and having only attempted one raid resulting in an absolute failure, Elys Sunderland's captains began doubting their King and mutinied. The self-proclaimed King managed to survive the encounter, but nearly half his captains and ships sailed for home, while the rest were left with severe doubts of their own, leaving Elys to rethink his plans.

The Lords Declarant

Nathaniel Arryn's wound from the Sacking only worsened in the days to follow. He was confined to a bed and tended to by his army's healers and Breakwater's maester, Ummet. Theon Arryn, merely months away from having no need of a regent at all, named a temporary council to assist him in ending the war whilst his uncle recovered. The newly formed Lords Declarant consisted of the following; Ser Alester Templeton, Lord Garrett Grafton, Ser Petyr Arryn of Gulltown, and Maester Ummett.

A Dragon Arrives

Elys Sunderland remained at large. Queen Danae Targaryen arrived in the weeks following the sacking, demanding to know where to find the rebel king. Theon met her as the Lord of the Vale, but was quickly humbled by his Queen. Offering all he knew, she departed on the hunt, but not before granting Theon and his council permission to deal out the Crown's justice on the rebels who remained.

The Sistermen Return

Those who left, returned to the Bite where they discovered their isles and Sisterton in particular, were occupied by the Valemen following the devastating sacking. The sistermen fleet attempted to attack the Vale fleet in the harbors of Sisterton, by the cover of night. This was a failure. The sheer strength and greater numbers Lord Garrett Grafton, commander of the fleet and member of the Lords Declarant, possessed overwhelmed the sistermen. Those who survived were taken prisoner by Lord Grafton, and the captains were interrogated for information regarding Elys Sunderland.

The Crown

The rebellion was put down in the Three Sisters, however, Elys Sunderland and those who remained loyal to him were still not caught. Having suffered the mutiny, he returned to the coasts of the Vale to resume raiding in the hopes of restoring moral. This seemed to be working for him, however after a successful raid of a village along the Fingers, he was discovered by Queen Danae, who caught sight of the smoking village on dragon back. After landing and a brief conversation, Danae found Elys unmoving in his position as a King. She tossed her crown at his feet in response, offering it to him before mounting Persion. He bestowed it upon himself just before she descended upon his fleet, destroying it and burning Elys Sunderland in her crown.


Sisterton was left a smoldering ruin after the Sacking. Sparse huts and rubble with smallfolk cowering within were all that remained of the port town. Both the Night Lamp and Breakwater Castle remained in the Valemen's hands, with the latter acting as their temporary base while in the Three Sisters. Word of Lord Borrel's surrendered from Sunderland Keep and Lord Longthorpe's from his isle were quick to be received. Both former rebels were ordered to return to Sisterton, where they were placed under house arrest to await the Crown's justice.

Theon Arryn, alongside his Lords Declarant, held his first court as Lord Paramount at Breakwater Castle where they brought the rebellion to a close, dealing out the justice the Queen gave them leave for.

The sistermen who had attempted to attack the Vale fleet were sentenced to death for treason, however upon discovering they were tortured for the information Lord Grafton obtained, Theon offered them the chance to take the black instead, and join the Nightswatch. All agreed to do so.

Lords Borrel and Longthorpe bent the knee to House Arryn and the Iron Throne, as well as chose some of their children to be sent to the Vale of Arryn as wards and hostages of House Arryn and their allies. Theon, finding their punishment lacking when compared to the ship captains, decided to further it without the Lords Declarant's prior knowledge. He stripped both men of their lordships for the crime of treason, allowing them to keep their percprective islands as merely landed knights, and nothing more.

House Sunderland was made effectively extinct with the death of Elys Sunderland, and named traitors to the realm on top of that. Sunderland Keep was stripped from them, taken over by House Arryn. At Petyr Arryn's suggestion, the Lords Declarant decided to name a castellan to the castle, who would oversee the reconstruction of Sisterton, and the loyalty of the people. Lord Grafton put Petyr's own name forward, and Ser Templeton and Theon both agreed he was the best choice. The Arryn of Gulltown walked out of the court in a fit of rage, but took the position regardless.