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Sybelle is the eldest child of the late Lord Byron Swann. She was taken ward of Orys Connington along with her siblings at Storm's End. She is betrothed to Alyn Connington.


She was given a proper ladies education, learning how to play the instruments and sing as well.

Important Events

First Era

Sybelle and her siblings were taken as wards of Storm's End after her father's defeat in the Ascent of the Lion.

Second Era

She is known to be a sensuous beauty among the court of Storm's End. Earning the attention of the womanizing Ser Argrave Morrigen. She sang for the younger wards in Storm's End.

Third Era

Sybelle tried to find help for her House.

Fourth Era

Sybelle finally found help in Alysanne Rogers, who promised to help free her House from imprisonment. Alysanne would have Sybelle marry the heir of Storm's End Alyn Connington. The union would ensure loyalty from the Stag supporters, who harboured ill resentment towards the Conningtons and saw the Swanns as leaders of the opposition.

Fifth Era

She promised Ser Argrave a song if he returned from retaking Nightsong at Corliss Caron and Cassana Connington's wedding.


Byron Swann, father-deceased

unnamed little brother, heir

unnamed little sisters