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Sylvia Gargalen is the second daughter of the late Lord Perros Gargalen and Lady Loreza. Being the second oldest sibling, she is the current heir to Salt Shore. Her older sister is Lady Obara Gargalen.


Sylvia Gargalen grew up in Salt Shore along with her siblings. She had always been the most rebellious out of the Gargalen children as she had always dreamt of traveling the world and finding glory as a sellsword. However as time went on she was given more responsibilities which forced her to give up on that dream. Once Obara inherited their father's title, she was named to be Obara's heir as her sister doesn't want to marry. Secretly she dislikes this position. Out of all of her siblings, she fights with Owen the most.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

Lord Perros passes away, causing her older sister Obara to inherit the lordship. She held Salt Shore while her older sister is at Starfall, however she neglected those duties and pushed them onto her brother Owen. As a result Lady Obara orders her to go to Sunspear to serve in Sarella Martell's court.


"If she had it her own way, she would be halfway through Essos right now. Selling her sword and skill to whoever needed it, searching for treasure and winning the hearts of fine men and ladies. Not here. Not stuck warming this stupid chair for her sister, not getting annoyed by the mouthy japes from her brother. She needed the wind at her back and the sun shining bright on her." - Sylvia thinking about her dream while hosting court on Obara's behalf.

“Excuse me? I was only willing because you weren’t doing your damned job! Someone had to keep things going smoothly while you sneak out doing who knows what! And that was after you belittled me for reminding you of your courtesies.” - Owen Gargalen arguing with Sylvia in front of Lady Obara.

“Then why is it that I’m expected to fulfill my duties when you don’t bother to do yours? I cannot be your heir and you know that. Why don’t you make one for yourself and let me be the person that I want to be?!” - Sylvia telling Obara that she doesn't want to be her heir as Obara orders her to Sunspear.