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Taena Haratis is the first born daughter of a wealthy merchant Areo Aralto and his wife, a Myrish woman named Serala. She is the wife of Prince Sharako Haratis and together they have five children, Alios, Larra, Serenei, Brea, and Ulrich.


Taena grew up in her parent's manse along with six younger siblings including her youngest brother, Ordello Aralto who would one day be the Prince of Pentos. She was taught by her mother to be lady-like and to be a dotting wife. Her marriage to her childhood friend, Sharako was arranged at an early age. As soon as she bled, she was wedded to the Haratis heir and nine months afterwards their first son was born. Soon enough Sharako became head of his house and the family's fortune grew.

Then in 501 AC, the Dothraki raided and sacked Pentos so Taena and her family fled to Tyrosh where they stayed for three years for the majority of the War of New Princes. She gave birth to her youngest son while they were in exile. Now House Haratis is in Pentos once more as the city rebuilds.

Important Events

Fifth Era

After getting saved by Ser Garlan Hardyng by a street gang, she hires him as household guard. Meanwhile as the Narratys were gaining more power in the council and allying themselves to Prince Ordello, Taena and Sharako have no choice but to strike back at thier enemies inorder to restore the balance of power in the council. They did this by hiring Andrik Harlaw to go and take down the Narratys' ships but it backfires with Andrik taking down the Summer Storm instead and taking Andros Sand and Haegon Dhrar as prisoners as well as the death of Mallor Sand. Andrik offers to kill the prisoners to pin the deaths on the Narratys but Taena is disgusted by the idea. Instead she kept them prisnor inside the Haratis Manse which lead to the escape of Andros and Larra, Tyrosh attacking, the city splitting, and the ending of relations with Dorne. The conflict ended in a victory for Tyrosh and Sharako being selected as the newest Prince of Pentos.

Sixth Era

Is trying to help her husband to govern the city as best as she could all while trying to hid the fact that she is being abused by him.


Sharako Haratis - husband

Alios Haratis - oldest son and heir

Larra Haratis - daughter

Serenei Haratis - daughter

Brea Haratis - daughter

Ulrich Haratis - son

Areo Aralto - father

Serala Aralto - mother

Ordello Aralto - brother, former Prince of Pentos (deceased)

Yaera Aralto - sister in law

Viserra Aralto - niece