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Talla Codd

Lady Talla Codd is the wife and sister of Lord Yohn Codd. She mostly resides at Codd Hall. She is currently pregnant with Yohn's child. She died during childbirth.


Talla was born daughter to Bael Codd, Lord of House Codd. She grew up around Codd Hall with her brother Yohn and her bastard brother Jory. Although never close to Jory, she was always close to Yohn. They would include each other in everything, and always talk about what they did that day.

Eventually, Talla's and Yohn's close relationship turned into more. They would sneak out of Codd Hall to romance in private away from the eyes of the castle, including their father's. For many years, they had kept their love a secret among themselves, save for Jory, who Yohn told everything.

Towards the end of her father's life, Talla began making her and her brother's relationship known, not caring about the opinions of others. Once her father died, Yohn took his place as Lord of Codd Hall and House Codd. It was now that they made their relationship known to everyone, and they wed. Talla now became Lady of Codd Hall.

Fourth Era.

Towards the end of the fourth era, Talla's father grew quite ill in his old age and eventually died. After, Yohn took over House Codd and wed Talla, making her Lady of House Codd.

Fifth Era.

Talla became pregnant with Yohn's child at the beginning of this era. Talla died during the delivery of Yohn's children, giving birth to twins.

"-we couldnt stop the bleeding my lord"

- Maester Larris, to Yohn