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Tazal mo Nakloz is a Good Master of Astapor, and one of few who deal in the most lucrative trade the city has to offer - Unsullied. He cares nothing of the politics of the city - such men are nothing more than weasels and goats, after all. He serves only profit, and is a ruthless merchant. He currently has 1500 Unsullied, including both fully trained soldiers, and those still being 'trained'.


After Daenerys Targaryen sacked Astapor, chaos followed, many slaves claiming freedom. Slavery, however, was so ingrained in society that Astapor soon slid back into chains.

Once more began the production of the finest warriors the world has ever seen, with the Nakloz dynasty playing a part in this return to the status quo.

Important Events

Fifth Era

Tazal took over the family business with the death of his father, Grazdan mo Nakloz, who passed away due to heart failure.

Following the destruction of three New Ghiscari legions at the hands of Qarth, Tazal travelled to New Ghis to sell several of his Unsullied to Draqaz zo Phal - for a moderate sum of silver marks, but also two bed slaves, one with gigantic breasts, and one war elephant.

Unsullied currently for sale:



Tazal is a fecund man, and at the age of fifty six possesses twelve daughters by three wives, but only two sons - Bezzaq, and Korze.