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The Burning Hand's Men was an outlaw group composed of Baratheon loyalists, bandits, common thieves, and defeated soldiers from the battle of the Kingswood. Led by Alester Targaryen, the group was founded in the Riverlands near Maidenpool, but was since displaced to the Oldstones.

Recent History

Second Era

The outlaw group was formed at the beginning of the second era after Alester Targaryen heard of the death of King Harys Baratheon during the battle of the Kingswood.

Since then bodies of Lannister soldiers and Lannister loyalists had been appearing in the area around Maidenpool. Each one bearing the mark of a hand burned into their skin, thus the title "Burning Hand's Men".

During the white walker attacks in the Riverlands a small group of Burning Hand's Men took Lord Jojen Stark, the Lord Paramount of the North, captive in an attempt to earn gold for his release. While doing so they were attacked by wights, and many of them were killed.

Because of the presence of wights and crown soldiers throughout the Riverlands and near Maidenpool the outlaws were forced west where they set up camp at the Oldstones.

Third Era

The Burning Hand's men were attacked at Oldstone by Lannister soliders led by Arthur Swyft, and nearly all of them were captured or killed. 

Known Members


Alester Targaryen, the Burning Hand: The current leader of the outlaws

Bodger the Bard


Tyrek Hill, sometimes referred to as Sand


Squint: killed by wights

Dirk: killed by wights

Lister: killed by wights

Ben, also referred to as Tanglefoot: killed by Lannister men