The Dragonslayer is a song currently being written by the bard Beren Merryweather which details the fight between Ser Ulrich Dayne and Aeslyn Targaryen's dragon.


Oh the Sword of the Morning was quite the fine blade,

All who went against the magic sword were easily slayed,

But when the warrior Dayne found himself then in chains,

His fate was to be determined by one quite insane,

The lion on the throne was to give him the axe,

But his mad dragon queen went behind her king’s back,

She named Dayne a champion to kill to be free,

But she did not deign to mention who the warrior would be,

At the great victory feast the two they would fight,

But when Ulrich saw the champion he was filled up with fright,

For there in the throne room the warriors did meet,

A man and a dragon, in the Red Keep,

The monster it was massive, with sharp claws and great teeth,

With scales down its back, it spit fire when it breathed,

The enormous dragon took up the whole room,

It breathed fire from his mouth, the creature of doom,

The brave knight had a steel sword, and not even a shield,

But before the great monster he still would not yield,

He slashed and he stabbed, and he battled the dragon,

While the lords and the ladies looked on… and… and…”