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The Vaenyris family are a powerful mercantile family, hailing from Volantis (although they own property throughout Essos). A family of Old Blood, they grew rich through a large trading fleet and shipyards and workshops that they use to build ships, wheelhouses, palanquins and hathays to order. In times of war, they make chariots, for a profit, of course.

As a rule, the Vaenyris are supporters of the Tiger faction of Volantis, even if their mercantile pursuits would sometimes place them in the Elephant camp.

They claim descent from an officer that served in Volantis when it was little more than a frontier barracks, although there is little evidence to prove, or disprove, this claim.

Seat: Vaenyris Palace

The Vaenyris Palace, deep within the Black Walls of the ancient city, is as large and comfortable as others of its ilk. It contains:

  • A large library, containing rare books and manuscripts collected over the many centuries since the founding of the city. Aethan Vaenyris can often be found here.
  • A large garden filled with exotic plants (often bearing fruit)
  • Countless exquisite bedrooms and chambers, more than enough to accommodate the family. It is said that even the family’s slaves sleep in moderate luxury.
  • A treasure/trophy room.
  • A large wine cellar
  • An armoury of exotic weapons
  • The Crypts (statues of all former family heads around funeral urns.)
  • A menagerie

Recent Events

Eighth Era

In 512 AC, Lysandro Vaenyris begins campaigning for a position of Triarch. His son, Ayrmidon, sired a bastard daughter on a maid servant.