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Chief Torwynd

Chief Torwynd of the cave dwellers.


The Frostfang mountains are a mountain range in the far north of Westeros. The southern peaks and foothills extend into the North of the Seven Kingdoms, but the majority of the range is located north of the Wall, in wildling territory and are named for their jagged hostile peaks that are always covered in snow. The Skirling Pass is the most notable pass through the mountains, leading from the Haunted Forest to the Frozen Shore. It’s in this rugged terrain that the cave dwellers call home.

The cave dwellers make frequent use of face-paints and dyes, coloring their faces blue, purple, and green. The sight of them from an outsider can be quite scary, but in their very remote location they are isolated and don’t get many visitors however it’s very effective when raiding villages. The Milkwater river flows through their lands, which includes four main branches, that provides fresh drinking water and fish for the clan.

The cave dwellers refer to themselves as free folk, to show that they are different from the “kneelers” south of the wall. They don’t have a Lord or King to bow down to, but have chosen themselves for Chief Torwynd to lead them. He was chosen as the Chief at the age of two and twenty, after the clan had selected four men worthy to fight for the position. Two men would fight to the death and the victor would go on to fight again, Torwynd stood victorious and won the clans loyalty until his death.

Now at the age of three and forty, he has led the tribe for more than twenty years. He rules with sternness and strength, not letting anyone question his rule. His strong leadership has kept the clan alive in the harsh climate that they live in, protected them from neighboring tribes, and even allowed them to prosper. He is strong and brutal in his faith of the old gods and in his hatred for the Andals.

His home is a cave located higher than the others, allowing him to look out over the mountains. Several catacombs are carved throughout his cave, allowing him the freedom to move quickly and has also been used as a defence during attacks from other tribes. In one particular catacomb is a warm spring, that he often enjoys frequenting with several of the women he has captured.

Chief Torwynd has tried to hold good standing with the other clans around him, except for the ice-river clans that enjoy feeding on the flesh of men which he considers an abomination to the gods. They do not care for the crows of the Nights Watch, as they are the gatekeepers holding them behind the wall.

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Esgrid (Of the Thenn), wife of Torwyn, three and twenty, captured during a raid in a Thenn village.

He also has four daughters and five sons.