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The Tournament of the Vale was held in the year 502 AC and hosted by Nathaniel Arryn, Regent Lord Paramount of the Vale and then Master of Laws for the Iron Throne. 


Petyr Arryn of Gulltown defeated Ryman Sunglass

Edric Tarth defeated Dake Arryn

Harald Redfort defeated Ulrich Dayne

Martyn Dayne defeated Bryen Meadows

Quentyn Tarth defeated Petyr Arryn of Gulltown

Varus of the Channels defeated Harald Redfort

Ronnel Royce defeated Martyn Dayne

Tywin Marbrand defeated Edric Tarth

Semi Finals

Tywin Marbrand defeated Quentyn of Tarth

Varus of the Channels defeated Ronnel Royce


Tywin Marbrand defeated Varus of the Channels and named Danae Targaryen Queen of Love and Beauty. The act was seen as fatherly, given Ser Tywin's age and Danae's marriage to the King.


Alistar Flint edged out Bonifer Tarly with a bullseye in the final round.


Tyro won the melee after a savage fight against thirty other competitors. His experience in the fighting pits of Meereen proved invaluable, and he fought without armor.

Important Events

While at the tournament, King Damon Lannister confronted Lord Gylen Hightower about rumors concerning his worship of R'hllor, which the Reachman adamantly denied. Symeon Stark gave Lord Jojen Stark an ultimatum: that if Jojen did not stop pretending that Thaddius Lannister's bastard son was his own, Symeon would encite the northern lords to rebellion.

The King also confronted Jojen Stark about his relationship with Thaddius and warned him that if he ever travelled below the Neck or sought to make contact with Thaddius, Damon would retaliate against the Stark family with force. Ser Quentyn of Tarth smashed Jojen's hand with the pommel of his sword, breaking several of his fingers, in order to retrieve the ring that Thaddius had given Jojen.

On the first night of the joust, Queen Danae Targaryen lost her pregnancy. She and the King abandoned the tournament early to return to King's Landing.