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The Tournament at Harrenhal was held in 500 AC and hosted by Lord Emmon Baelish as a show of wealth in order to impress King Harys Baratheon, who (it was rumored) was choosing a new Hand of the King.


Emmon Baelish defeated Eddrick Lannett

Jojen Stark defeated an unnamed hedge knight

Randyll Frey defeated James Arryn

Nathaniel Arryn defeated "Red" Walder Bracken

Thaddius Lannister defeated Edric Manderly

Orys Connington defeated Patrek Baratheon

Damon Lannister defeated Martyn Dayne

Ulrich Dayne defeated Halfjon Umber

Jojen Stark defeated Randyll Frey

Ulrich Dayne defeated Thaddius Lannister

Emmon Baelish defeated Damon Lannister

Nathaniel Arryn defeated Orys Connington

Semi Finals

Ulrich Dayne defeated Emmon Baelish

Jojen Stark defeated Nathaniel Arryn


Ulrich Dayne defeated Jojen Stark, but named no Queen of Love and Beauty.

Important Events

It is believed that Lord James Arryn was poisoned during the Tourney at Harrenhal, and his death would later be attributed to Lord Emmon Baelish himself. 

Damon Lannister goaded Lord Edmure Stark into drinking excessively the night before the archery competition, causing the northern lord to lose. Edmure missed his targets, but one of his stray arrows claimed the life of a Lannister squire.

The love affair between Jojen Stark and Ser Thaddius Lannister was kindled during the Tourney.

Grand Maester Orin met Lady Danae Targaryen at the tournament and convinced her to travel with him to Essos in order to seek the magic of Old Valyria and escape her sister's cruelty. She agreed, and left for the Wall soon afterwards with James Rivers and Summer Steelsong.