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The Tournament of King's Landing, also known as the Grand Spring Tourney, was held in 406AC to celebrate an end to the Great Winter Frost. It was a huge, extravagant affair that lasted a total of six weeks; one for every year of winter. It is the greatest tourney in history.


The tournament was announced at the beginning of the new year by King Trystane I Baratheon, in order to herald the coming of spring and bring hope back to the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms after the harshest and longest winter in living memory. It attracted hundreds of thousands to the capital.

The competition lasted six weeks in total. There were three respective jousts; the prize for winning each was being named to the Kingsguard. There was also a seven-sided melee, archery contests, horse races, mummer shows, tournaments for fools and singers, an axe-throwing competition, a falconry contest and a grand hunt in the Kingswood.

The tourney closed with two huge feasts; one for the nobility and another for the smallfolk.



Ser Gerris Dayne, Ser Henly Merryweather, and Ser Gallard Templeton.

These three knights won the jousts and each earned a position on the famed Kingsguard. They became beacons of hope after the Great Winter Frost, collectively being named "The Knights of Spring".

Other Attendees

Orys I Baratheon

Important Events