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Trebor of House Dustin is the brother of the late Lord Tommen Dustin, and uncle of the current Lord Bennard Dustin. He was a part of an un-named mercenary company in Essos, but it recently dissolved due to unknown reasons.


Trebor Dustin was the second son of Lord Walter, head of the house and Lord of the Barrowlands. Tommen and Trebor never got along when they were younger, and Walter was quick to send his second son to Eddard Glover in Deepwood Motte to learn. Whilst there, he squired and lived well. He was quick to become one of the best swords in the castle, but was perhaps too eager for the wine as well. When the Bolton Uprising occured, he was one of the men who helped repel the Whitehill army, who were going to reinforce the Boltons and threatened to break the siege upon the Dreadfort. When he had finished his tutoring years later, he returned to Barrowton at the birth of Tommen's two sons, Eddard and Bennard. Whereas Serra Tallhart, his sister-in-law, always preferred Eddard, he took a liking to Bennard, and from an early age encouraged him to train with a sword and shield. However, with his drinking problem evolving, he decided to leave to Essos, where he put his sword to better use and became a mercenary.

Important Events

FIfth Era

Trebor Dustin has returned to Barrowton, where, on his first night, he drank heavily with old friends. He and others there, including master-at-arms Steffon Saltspear, talked about their best kills.


Family Members

Tommen Dustin, brother (deceased)

Serra Tallhart, sister-in-law

Eddard Dustin, nephew (deceased)

Bennard Dustin, nephew