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Tymor Greyjoy is the oldest son of Dagon Greyjoy and Victaria Harlaw. He is the older cousin of Lord Dalton Greyjoy.

Recent History

Third Era

Tymor Greyjoy is born on the same day his older bastard sister, Frenya Pyke dies.

Fourth Era

Tymor takes his first steps.

Fifth Era

Dagon is stripped of the Iron Fleet and runs off. Victaria moves back to Ten Towers, leaving Tymor all alone. Tymor's younger brother, Balon Greyjoy is born but dies at infancy.


"Well yes, without a doubt. He'll grow up to make a fine raider one day." - Dagon Greyjoy to Cassana Connington and Corliss Caron.

"A Greyjoy, not a Harlaw. The babe hates me like all the rest of them." - Victaria's thoughts regarding Tymor.