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Urron is a Drowned Priest who counsels Alannys Greyjoy.



Little is known of Urron, except that he seems to have been close with House Greyjoy for decades.


"The Drowned Man, with his long matted white hair in swirling robes of grey, green, and blue thought every minor nuisance was a retribution of sorts. He was near eighty now but wiry strong, and seemed inclined to live another eighty years if only to remind Alannys of her sins and their consequences." - Blood and Whispers

"Urron's hair hung past his waist in filthy tangles the color of sea foam. His beard, too, nearly reached his belt and was mangier still. Aeron used to tell his younger siblings that it was filled with beetles and one shake of it would send a thousand of the insects scurrying out."Blood and Whispers

“Urron speaks with one ear in the air and one in the salt, half his wits are clogged with the singing of clams and the other half with my mother’s prattle." - Aeron Greyjoy to Masha Drumm