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Ser Varus of The Channels is a Reach Knight between the ages of 50-55 from a small village near The Mander in the Reach. Sworn Sword to House Tarly, and captain of Bonifer Tarly's guard.


Ser Varus grew up of common birth in the castle walls of Holyhall but became a hedge knight as a young adult. He fought for King Harys Baratheon both in the Greyjoy Rebellion and in the battles of the war of the Ascent of the Lion. Varus felt that Lord Loren Lannister was deliberately slighting King Harys when he married the dead Lord Damron Greyjoy's sister, Gwynesse Greyjoy, after the rebellion. 

Important Events

First Era

Ser Varus fought for the Baratheon king at the Kingswood and was defeated. 

Second Era

Sometime after the Kingswood, Varus went to Horn Hill and swore his sword to Bonifer Tarly, inspired after witnessing the ferocity and courage of Lord Quinten Tarly at the Battle of the Kingswood. He believes that Bonifer can one day become a great commander.

Third Era

Varus continued to accompany Lord Bonifer on his travels. While en route to King's Landing, their party was ambushed by bandits and Beren Merryweather was abducted by the Kingswood Children. Varus joined Bonifer is seeking the throne's assistance in purging the bandits from the forest. Queen Danae Targaryen answered the plea and sent troops from the Crownlands to join the Tarly host and eradicate the outlaws. 


“A jousting ring is no place for an old man... aren’t you a little old to be playing pretend? Spare the rest of us the pain of watching a tired old man relive his glory days.” - Ser Hewett