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Vayon Orme is the heir to house Orme. He is a knight of the Reach and is twenty and seven.


Vayon grew up in his house's seat with a relatively good life, playing with his two brothers and two sisters. Though, there was some tension between Vayon's first younger brother and him, as Vayon was born a small only a small time before his brother. During the ascent of the lion, Vayon marched in king Harys' army, which is where he was knighted. Later, when lord Orme pledged his house to the Hightowers, Vayon traveled to the North only to return four years later.

Important events

6th Era:

Vayon began working for Calon Sloane where lord Meadows arrived too discuss the blight and marriage of his daughter to Calon.


"Then I said,'This is what you call Valyrian steel!'"

Notable Family Members

Dontas Orme, father, 47.

Jorah Orme, brother, 26.

Moryn Omre, brother, 16