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Velaena Waters is the oldest bastard of Robert Velaryon now coming into her 35th year. She is said to be very attactive, with olive skin, dark eyes and silver hair.


She was born on Driftmark, the child of Robert Velaryon and a wandering bard from Dorne. She was brought up in the holdfast at Hull, due to her mother's favour with Robert's father Lord Orys Velaryon. Her mother educated her in songs, stories and courtly behaviour. From the age of fourteen she accopanied her mother on various journeys across the realm, visiting Dorne and Oldtown amongst others. 

Her mother passed away when she was 17, and she was taken into service at High Tide, serving in the court and entertaing guests. As she was made aware of her bastard brothers and sisters, she became protective of them, taking in many of the younger ones, and helping in their education. 

She is said to have sung for Daelys Velaryon in their youth, and Ryman Sunglass claims it was her songs that implanted the idea of becoming part of the Kingsguard.

She bore a bastard of Lord Corliss Caron, who she has raised named Edric Waters, who squires for her brother Hothor.

Until Varyo 's flight to Lys, she was Castelen of Hull. With Cedany now Lady of the Tides, she feels she no longer has a place on Driftmark.