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A daughter of Lord Baron Harlaw and captain of Sea Song. A maiden of ten and seven and currently married to Dagon Greyjoy. She is known for her feisty temper and her skills with swords.


Second Era:

Victaria is named captain of the ship Sea Song.

Third Era:

Victaria offers herself to marry Dagon in Esgred's place. As a result she married Dagon, joining House Greyjoy and bonding Houses Greyjoy and Harlaw through marriage. Not soon after she discovered that she was pregnant with their first child. She also found out that Dagon was not only seeing a clam merchant girl (Pia) but he also gave her a child as well. Knowing that Dagon was going to bring the child home to Pyke, she paided two assassins to kill her off by burning the clam stand. She wasn't quick enough, Dagon had brought Frenya Pyke home that day. A day later, the assassins burned the stand down, killing everyone inside, including Pia. She gives birth to her first son, Tymor Greyjoy.


Dagon Greyjoy- husband

Baron Harlaw - father

Gysella Harlaw- older sister

Esgred Harlaw- younger sister

Tristifer Harlaw- younger brother (deceased)

Victarion Harlaw - younger brother

Andrik Harlaw- uncle

Tymor Greyjoy - son

Balon Greyjoy- son (deceased)